About Rod and Myra's Farm

We, - Rod and Myra Lee - bought the farmland at Mount Pleasant on the Black Isle in 1992, At the time we owned and ran a successful value added computer reseller business installing IBM equipment throughout the Highlands, writing software, doing support etc and generally doing the entrepreneur thing. We bought a few cows, built a new farmhouse, then bought some sheep, took the plumge and sold the business to do farming instead!

Income dropped to a quarter, driving went from 40,000 to 10,000, Rod got a lot fitter, and life generally slowed down so we could watch things happening round us. Farming is by no means stress free, but the problems are generally soluble with a bit of physical effort and a lot of patience. You can't throw money at a problem or wait for the technology to change. Fortunately we learnt that before the money or the time ran out.

We haven't lost interest in tech, the farm office is littered with arduinos, linux boxes and O'Reilly books. It's a really good way to spend around 10% of the week, like cooking or playing music..building sheds...fixing tractors...stacking hay...feeding cattle...shifting sheep...mending fences,.. digging drains... Yup 100% doesn't quite cover farming!

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