Rod and Myra's cows on the Black Isle

We have a small herd of pedigree Aberdeen Angus and Angus cross cows. This hardy local breed suits us as it requires little intervention at calving. They have fewer difficult births as a result of the smaller calf size, less post natal work as the calves are quick to get on their feet and suckle, and the cows are keen mothers There are no horns to remove and the cows are of an even temperament.

The breed produces high quality beef from grass although each individual beast weighs less than a continental bred equivalent making them a bit more expensive to process. The beef contains brown adipose tissue which the cow uses to generate heat in winter, and which contrbutes to the flavour of the meat by adding a little fat throughout. In many continental breeds this has been bred out resulting in large slabs of muscle with less flavour. The cows calve in the spring and the young stock are kept for up to a year before being sold as stores.

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