Wildlife and ecology on Rod and Myra's Farm

A wide variety of species co-exist with the crops and the livestock on the farm, and we're keen to maintain this aspect, without, of course letting the whole place go wild, which it would if we didn't intervene. We have lightly used woodland grazing, which is ideal for the sheep to shelter in during the winter, and which also provides habitat for roe deer, hares and foxes. The wildcats have regrettably recently interbred with local domestic cats but still follow a wild lifestyle. Red squirrels live in the wood beside the farm.

We keep rabbits back by grazing heavily areas they invade, and hoping the local pine martens will get them, instead of our hens. Voles, shrews, mice and brown rats are all here and targetted by the buzzards, foxes, Wildcats, etc and probably by weasels and stoats too though we've rarely seen these.

The garden has hedgehogs, toads, and frogs, and the latter are now hopefully colonising the pond we made near the top of the farm. We planted a wide variety of local tree species in the early nineties that are now providing lots of berries and cones as well as shelter for the stock.

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